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Vicuña is one of the rarest and most precious fibres in the world, taken from the exceptional breed found in the Andes. Loro Piana’s exclusive collection of men's clothing in vicuña is made from a fleece of unparalleled quality, a material considered "the fibre of the gods" due to its unique characteristics and the rarity of the raw material. The Loro Piana creations in vicuña fabric guarantee a distinctive experience, with expertly crafted materials with great tailoring for an extraordinary fit.
Vicuña: The fleece of the gods forms a light and soft fibre
Vicuña is a fibre obtained from a rare camelid that inhabits the inaccessible areas of the Andes, an animal at risk of extinction but now protected with aid from the contribution of Loro Piana. The precious fur comes from animals with low wool production. An adult of the species produces just 120-150 grammes of fibre every 2 years. The Loro Piana vicuña coat requires the fleece of 25-30 animals, following careful selection and processing of fibre. The vicuña garments offer maximum softness and lightness, while Loro Piana Storm and Rain System® treatments imbue the garments with a high resistance to atmospheric agents to protect them from wind and water.
Vicuña: Sporty and casual men's clothing
Loro Piana vicuña creations are designed for men who want to dress in a sporty way, while maintaining an understated and refined aura in highly exclusive fibres.  The Loro Piana offering includes polo shirts and crew-neck in cotton and vicuña, or 100% vicuña turtlenecks for an informal but elegant style. Other garments are in the form of silk, vicuña and cashmere gilets for those looking for added warmth and a tailored fit, as well as warm and soft coats and jackets for relaxed everyday activities. Style them with vicuña trousers for the ultimate statement in sophistication. To complete the outfit layer with Loro Piana accessories like the vicuña scarf with matching selvedge, and men's vicuña socks with a wide-rib design.

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Classic V Neck
Classic V Neck


19,600.00 SAR

Jean Bomber Jean Bomber
Jean Bomber


35,110.00 SAR

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